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Tiger Fighting on October 11 At 19:30 on October 17, Beijing time, Liverpool will go to Goodison Park to challenge Everton. Murphy recently published an article in the "Daily Mail" column about Liverpool. Murphy said that after Klopp took over the team, Liverpool developed tough qualities, and Murphy believes that Liverpool will be able to regain its status. , Complete the rebound. Murphy also thinks Merseyside will become exciting again.

10月11日的老虎搏击北京时间10月17日19:30,利物浦将前往古迪逊公园挑战埃弗顿。墨菲最近在“每日邮报”专栏中发表了有关利物浦的文章。墨菲说,在克洛普接手球队之后,利物浦培养了坚强的素质,墨菲相信利物浦将能够恢复其地位。 ,完成反弹。墨菲还认为默西塞德郡将再次变得令人兴奋。

Murphy mentioned: "In theory, I think Everton will look forward to the Merseyside Derby at Goodison Park later than Liverpool."


"Everton's form this season is very good, and Liverpool lost to Aston Villa 2-7 before. Due to the international match day, Liverpool did not have much time to analyze the mistakes made before. "


"I think this is the first time in so many years that Everton has been able to take advantage of the state before the Merseyside Derby. Everton is definitely looking forward to defeating Liverpool and winning the Derby."


"I think Liverpool should be cautious because Everton started the season really well."


"We all know that after Klopp took over the team, Liverpool has built up its tenacity. Liverpool have surpassed almost all obstacles in the past few seasons."


"They have experienced defeat in the Champions League final, and Liverpool also completed the rebound at the time, they won the Champions League."


"In my opinion, although Liverpool lost to Aston Villa by a big score before, they will definitely be able to rebound and get back to form."


"I think Liverpool can have an advantage against Everton, especially considering that Mane, Henderson and Thiago are all likely to play afterwards."


"Of course, we can't ignore Liverpool's previous defeat. Liverpool's defense has problems, especially Joe Gomez, who has encountered some difficulties this season."


"Gomez is definitely not at his best. He doesn't look very confident now, and Klopp needs to make a decision now."


"This is a thorny issue for Liverpool. Some players can recover their form after a period of rest."


"If I made a mistake, I will try my best to prove my ability again in subsequent games, but if the head coach no longer gives me the opportunity to play, my confidence may be hit."


"I don't know Gomez's situation right now, but I think if Liverpool choose to let Fabinho and Van Dyke partner as the central defender, that effect might be better."


"Liverpool has to make arrangements on the defensive line against Everton, especially in the central defender position, because Everton's main advantage is their striker, especially Lewin."


"His form this season is great, Lewin can score every time he plays. I think Lewin can now threaten any opponent."


"Everton defender Mina also performed very well this season, and I think Mina deserves to continue playing as a starting liner, but I think Liverpool's overall strength is still very strong now, and I am more optimistic about Liverpool's subsequent Mersey Victory in Derby, Texas."


"J Ronaldo is a very good player, but I don't think he is better than Salah, I also like Richard Leeson, but I think he is not as good as Mane."

“罗纳尔多(J Ronaldo)是一位非常出色的球员,但我认为他不比萨拉赫(Salah)好,我也喜欢理查德·利森(Richard Leeson),但我认为他不如鬃毛。”

"Lucas Digne has performed very well this season, but if I were to choose, I would choose Robertson between Digne and Robertson."


"Adrian has been criticized before because he made a mistake in the previous game against Aston Villa, but I think Liverpool's loss is not all Adrian's fault."


"Because Liverpool players gave Aston Villa players too many opportunities, even if Alisson played at the time, I still think Liverpool will lose."


"Last season, Adrian played in every league Liverpool won, and I think Liverpool can deal with Alisson's injury in the short term."


"There is also about Liverpool's high-position press tactics. I think this tactic is very good. But when the midfielder can't put pressure on the opponent, Liverpool shouldn't insist on this tactic. I think they should be when they need it. Make changes in time."


"Liverpool can get back to form? I think they can definitely. In the past two seasons, Liverpool's defense has been the best in the Premier League. It is not based on luck, but on Liverpool's good organization."


"I think Mane is the initiator of Liverpool's offensive end. When Mane returns to the field, Liverpool's strength will become stronger. Henderson is also important to Liverpool, and he is close to coming back."


"I think Liverpool and Everton's Merseyside Derby will be a very exciting match. For Liverpool, it will be a great opportunity to rebound."


"Before, there were people who questioned Liverpool's defense because they lost three goals in the first game against Leeds United and conceded seven goals in the game against Villa. I believe that Liverpool will be able to close the doubters. mouth."


"When I first watched Liverpool's games, Liverpool and Everton were the best teams in England, and Merseyside was one of the most important games every season."


"When I started playing for Liverpool, Manchester United became the best team in England. They had won all the championship trophies under the leadership of Sir Alex Ferguson."


"In my opinion, this season the Merseyside Derby will be as exciting as before. I am looking forward to the next game, and I believe Liverpool can prove their strength again."


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