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In the feudal imperial family of ancient China, cases of intrigue and cannibalism between brothers were common, and there were relatively few vassals who could live in harmony with the emperor. However, looking through thousands of years of ancient history, there is a feudal king who can not only coexist with the emperor's brother, but can even be named emperor. He is the third son of the protagonist Tang Suzong and Jianning King Li Kui. So, what kind of credit did he have, and why did he get the title of emperor after his death? Let us walk into the fifth issue of the Legendary Emperor's Chapter, the most like Prince Tang of Tang Taizong.


In December 755 AD, the Anshi Rebellion officially broke out. An Lushan led an army to capture Chang'an in 756. At this time, Emperor Xuanzong Li Longji led the royal family and ministers to flee to Chengdu. Prince Li Heng and his son Li Kui were among them. According to the war situation at the time, if Li Heng really entered Chengdu, he could only become a prince even if the Anshi Rebellion was settled. From the perspective of war, it would be an extremely unfavorable strategy to give orders to the whole country from Chengdu.

公元755年12月,安石起义正式爆发。 756年,安禄山率军占领了长安。此时,玄宗李隆基皇帝率领王室和大臣们逃往成都。李恒亲王和他的儿子李Ku也在其中。根据当时的战争情况,如果李衡真的进入成都,即使安石起义定居,他也只能成为王子。从战争的角度来看,从成都向全国下达命令将是极其不利的战略。

Therefore, for his father and the Tang Dynasty, Jianning King Li Di immediately understood the situation and tried his best to discourage his father from entering Chengdu. He should rectify his troops and lead his troops northward to lead the Central Plains generals in crusade against the rebels. In the end, the prince Li Heng followed his son’s suggestion and proclaimed himself emperor in Lingwu. At the same time, Guo Ziyi was appointed as the Minister of War and the Minister of Fang Jiedu, and Li Guangbi was appointed as the Minister of Hubu (later he served as the Minister of Hedong Jiedu). Ping Zhangshi (the prime minister) ordered the two to lead troops together against Anlu Mountain, which greatly restored the decline of the war and laid the foundation for the 150-year foundation of the Tang Dynasty. And Li Kui was one of the major heroes, and he also served as a commander in the war, annihilating many enemy troops.

因此,对于他的父亲和唐朝时期,建宁国王李Di立即了解了情况,并尽力劝阻他的父亲进入成都。他应整顿部队,并率军北下,率领中原将军发动反叛军的运动。最后,李恒王子按照儿子的建议,自封为灵武皇帝。同时,郭子仪被任命为战亚博yabovip88争大臣,方解笃大臣,李光was被任命为护部大臣(后任河东解都大臣)。总理冯章石(Ping Zhangshi)(总理)下令两人率军对抗安陆山,极大地恢复了战争的衰落亚博yabovip88,并为唐朝150年的奠基奠定了基础。李奎是主要英雄之一,他还担任过战争的指挥官,歼灭了许多敌军。

In 757 AD, because of the eunuch Li Fuguo and the emperor’s favorite consort Zhang Liangdi, Li Kuo, the king of Jianning, was framed for murdering the prince, and was eventually given to death by Tang Suzong. Why is it so cruel to the son of merit, it is obviously impossible to record clearly in the history books.


But as the eldest brother, the prospective prince Li Yu saw it in his eyes and remembered it in his heart. At that time, he had no way to persuade the emperor and prevent this from happening. Therefore, Li Yu, who succeeded to the throne, immediately named Li Suo as King of Qi, and six years later, he pursued Li Suo as Emperor Chengtian. Throughout the two years of emperor history, this is the only case in which the elder brother named his younger brother the emperor. This is enough to reflect Tang Daizong's remembrance and nostalgia for this half-brother.


Issues left over from history. Since the founding of the Tang Dynasty, there has been no stable prince. For example, Tang Taizong almost forced Tang Gaozu to abdicate as King Qin at that time. Wu Zetian was so cruel to his own sons Tang Zhongzong and Tang Ruizong. Tang Suzong himself was in a precarious state after being a prince for decades, so of course Tang Suzong himself He was wary of his son, and even experienced such a turmoil as the Anshi Rebellion.


The power is high. Li Kui persuaded his father to raise troops and made great military exploits in the suppression of the Anshi Rebellion, just like the ancestor Tang Taizong. The presence of such a prince would not threaten Tang Suzong himself immediately, but would threaten his eldest son Li Yu. Although the two brothers are closely related, in the face of the attraction of such power, it is inevitable that their respective courtiers will not do anything in their hearts. Therefore, Li Digong's high reputation will not be tolerated by Tang Suzong himself. There is probably only one way for him to survive, that is, his father quickly abdicated, and after his eldest brother ascended the throne, he resigned from all official positions and retired as the idle prince. However, the Tang dynasties of each other have not completely settled the Anshi Rebellion. How could King Jianning, who had a courage and honesty by nature, be willing to end like that. It seems like a dead end.


The credit is too great, the support is meritorious. Before Tang Suzong came to the throne, apart from Tang Gaozong, who was the emperor, the ascension process of Tang Gaozu, Tang Taizong, Wu Zetian, Tang Zhongzong, Tang Ruizong, and Tang Xuanzong were all extraordinary. Fang Xuanling and Du Ruhui, who supported Tang Taizong ascended the throne, all served as prime ministers and entered Lingyan Pavilion. Zhang Jianzhi, who supported Tang Ruizong in the Shenlong coup d’état, became the king of the opposite sex, so Li Kui who supported Tang Suzong ascended the throne. Naturally the first hero, plus his original identity as the prince and prince, if he wants to chase his title, he can only be named emperor. (Of course, I have to mention one thing here. Tang Suzong Li Heng is the third son of Tang Xuanzong. He is neither a protagonist nor the eldest son. He has no eunuch's support. According to the system, there is almost no possibility of ascending the throne, so the credit of Jianning King Li Heng is highlighted.

信誉太好,支持值得。在唐肃宗登基之前,除了唐高宗是皇帝,唐高祖,唐太宗,武则天,唐仲宗,唐瑞宗和唐玄宗的升迁过程都是非凡的。支持唐太宗即位的方宣龄和杜如辉,均担任总理,进入灵岩阁。在神龙政变中支持唐瑞宗的张建志成为异性之王,因此支持唐苏宗的李奎即位。自然而然地,第一个英雄,加上他最初作为王子和王子的身份,如果他想追逐自己的头衔,他只能被任命为皇帝。 (当然,我在这里不得不提一件事。唐肃宗李恒是唐玄宗的三儿子。他既不是主角,也不是长子。他没有太监的支持。根据制度,几乎没有可能性登基的功夫,因此强调了建宁国王李恒的功劳。

He has a relationship with his brother Li Yu and has experienced war and life and death together. In fact, according to the ancient rules of the royal family, it is an extraordinary grace for a prince to be pursued as a prince after his death. Therefore, Li Yu's pursuit of his younger brother as emperor can prove his deep affection with his younger brother. Because they supported their father on the throne together, they experienced the catastrophe of the Anshi Rebellion together, and the early death of their brother made themselves as the eldest brother ashamed. If it were not for the deepest feelings, Li Yuda could treat his younger brother with ordinary courtesy, and even follow the posthumous prince to show his affection, but he would rather listen to the advice of his courtiers and use the emperor’s etiquette to tell the world and tell posterity that there is no Li Kui It is very likely that there would be no royal status in the line of Li Heng and Li Yu later, and his younger brother had experienced life and death with him. And this relationship is worth learning from all feudal imperial families, but obviously facing the temptation of power, many descendants of the emperor and brothers rarely have such feelings.


Born in about 728-737, the actual history books did not clearly record. According to Li Kui was the third son of Tang Suzong, the Li family was the second son of Tang Suzong. Born in 727, it is speculated that Li Kui was born after 727; and according to Anshi Rebellion 755 When Tang Suzong and Li Heng deliberately let Li Kui be the marshal of the world's soldiers and horses when the year broke out, it is impossible for Li Kui to be a minor and should be born in 737 at the latest. At the same time, because Li Kui’s biological mother did not have a clear name in the history books, it was not preferred, and many of Li Kui’s younger brothers lacked the birth year record, so it is really difficult to research and become a historical mystery.

生于大约728-737年,实际的历史书籍并未明确记录。据李奎是唐苏宗的三儿子,李氏家族是唐苏宗的二儿子。李Ku出生于727年,据推测李Ku出生于727年。根据《安氏叛乱755》的说法,当当年唐朝宗和李恒故意让李奎成为世界士兵和马的元帅时,李奎不可能是未成年人,最晚应该出生于737年。 。同时,由于李奎的亲生母亲在史书中没有明确的名字,因此不被优先考虑,而且李奎的许多弟弟都没有出生年份的记录,因此研究和成为历史确实很困难。神秘。

In about 742, the first year of Tianbao, the feudal king of Ning County, because his eldest brother Li Chu was born in 727, he was named the king of Yongping County at the age of 15. Therefore, Li Kui should have been made the king of the county in the same year.


In 755, the Anshi Rebellion officially broke out


In 756, the Anlushan rebels captured Chang'an and fled to Chengdu with his grandfather Xuanzong Li Longji and his father Li Heng. Persuaded his father Li Heng not to enter the Shu area, he should go north to command the various ministries against the rebels. That year, the prince Li Heng came to the throne in Lingwu (under the jurisdiction of Ningxia), and he was Tang Suzong.


In 757, he was framed by the eunuch Li Fuguo and the emperor’s favorite consort Zhang Liangdi to murder the prince, and was given death by Tang Suzong.


In 762, the eldest brother Li Yu ascended to the throne and soon became King of Qi (first class king)


In 768, he was named Emperor Chengtian and was reburied in Shunling.


And Daizong ascended the throne, pondered the injustice of Jianning, and rewarded the king of Qi. In May of the third year of the Dali calendar, the edict said: "Therefore, the king of Qi, the celebration of Tianzuo, the light of the prestige of Hong Kong. The dignity and respect, the talented and eager to learn, the art and culture, the wisdom and the great communication. Things, knowledge is not unreachable, and reason is beyond the essence. It is the thieves and robbers, Luan Yu Nanxing. The first saint is the love of Chen, and will serve the emperor; but the king swears the Ning family country with the weight of the ancestral temple. At the time of carrying the auspicious day, stand up and discern the wrongs of the group and offer the plan of the five originals. The prosperity of Zhongxing is actually borrowed from the extraordinary achievements. The fate of the king is not melted, and the love of the heavens is early and the vigilant is good. In the East China Sea, he was decorated in a hurry, not very sad and prosperous. The husband used the diligence of rebuilding the old state to become a family business in the world, but he did not survive and died without honoring his name. It is not because of the Jing Hui Lie, Ming Zhi Gong Ye. I used to sting my body, embarrassed the great treasure, and was too late to let the king's gift, the heir of Moshen's brother, I was embarrassed. The fourteenth daughter of Princess Xingxin, Zhang's family, was married with a posthumous posthumous title of the Queen of Respectful Shun. There was a Si Zhun style, and she was reburied in Shunling, and she was still in the Fengtian Emperor's Temple.


Involuntarily in the quasi-prince Li Yu (Li Chu) at the time, it was vividly reflected. On the one hand, he could not resist and swallowed his voice in the face of the imperial father’s favored concubine and eunuchs approaching and his father’s final order; on the other hand, he had to accept that his brother who was in trouble was framed, maybe even Will be blamed by people who did not know the truth at the time. Even after ascending to the throne, he can't immediately overturn the previous resolution, but he can't avoid regret in his heart and give his brother the most precious name in the world. It can be regarded as a perfect end to King Jianning's life.


What do you think was the reason and purpose of Tang Suzong's death of Jianning King Li Kui? Welcome friendly exchanges in the comment area.


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